Julian Phillips from Infocomm Visits Asnet

Julian Phillips from Infocomm Visits Asnet

It was Asnet’s absolute pleasure to host Julian Phillips at both an executive level roundtable event and an Asnet team event in Asnet’s Head Office in Auckland on the 26th of August 2016.

Julian Phillips Discusses the Future of Audiovisual and Unified Communications

Julian Phillips presents a roundtable and team event at Asnet in Auckland. Julian’s wealth of industry knowledge, forward-focused thinking and dynamic presenting skills were refreshing and enlightening, provoking several new ideas and lines of thinking.

In the roundtable session, the participants openly discussed the strategic direction of the audiovisual (AV) industry, how it is now all about the ‘room experience’ and how the proprietary systems of the past are quickly giving way to simple, standardised and hence scalable solutions for customers. The same themes were used in the Asnet team session, with a focus on AV as a Service and delivering value to our customers.

“I found the event very informative, especially the changing landscapes of traditional video rooms to the now almost universally mandated open plan offices, and how this shift needs to cope with videoconferencing (VC) and unified communications (UC). It is also intriguing how much of a part the properties and facilities people now play in decision making of UC and VC. This has traditionally always been in the control of the IT department, and it is clearly no longer that way”, comments Dayle Barnes, partner manager, Polycom Australia & New Zealand.

A Taste of New Zealand for this International Speaker

Julian Phillips meets one of the locals at a New Zealand cultural show. Julian Phillips’ international experience includes his current position as the Executive Vice President of Whitlock USA, a global leader in audiovisual for major international corporates, a founder and Board Member of the Global Presence Alliance (GPA), and a Board Member of Infocomm International. Julian is a most engaging and entertaining international speaker, having just spoken at the Integrate Expo in Sydney before flying to New Zealand for his first ever visit.

“We were privileged and delighted to share two days with Julian. He is an outstanding speaker and AV visionary. His experience helps us to understand where we should be applying our focus as a fast growing, high quality AV service organisation”, surmised Eric Greenop, managing director of Asnet Technologies and board member, GPA.

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