ISO 9001 Certification Awarded to Asnet

We are very pleased to announce that Asnet Technologies Limited has been formally awarded ISO 9001:2015 Certification. Asnet has been awarded with Certified Administration Systems – ISO 9001:2015, an internationally recognized certification which is an important reflection of dedicated business standards and Quality Management Systems.

Being awarded the ISO 9001 Certification highlights:

  • Our commitment to provide quality products and services
  • The dedication to and value that we place on customer satisfaction
  • The consistency and effectiveness of our processes
  • The continual improvement of our company’s performance and results

The ISO 9001 Certification, along with our Global Presence Alliance and InfoComm International memberships, further reflects our commitment to continually raising our standards. Asnet remains a strong industry leader within New Zealand, with allies across the world to offer exceptional service and a long term commitment to our valued clients.

“This was a company-wide achievement, dependent on every one of the team’s involvement and commitment. We are very proud to have such an excellent team working together to achieve exceptional results for our clients,” comments Eric Greenop, managing director of Asnet Technologies Limited.

ISO 9001 – International Standards

The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) created internationally recognized standards to be adopted and integrated into organizations to create and implement better Quality Management Systems (QMS). This is a win-win situation for both the organization and their clients, bringing activities and processes together right from the start, from customer orders and progress through to delivery of products and services, and ultimately customer satisfaction.

The ISO 9001:2015 certification also requires ongoing implementation as well as a commitment to continual improvement by organizations. This is encouraged through providing processes that help identify and address potential problems and risk, and to look for opportunities to improve performance – a natural synergy with Asnet’s ongoing focus on innovation.

In conclusion, Asnet is proudly an ISO:9001 Registered Company, with helps to show our level of commitment to our clients and our service, and the consistency we can bring to organizations throughout New Zealand and, as part of two global organizations, the world.


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