ISE 2019 Global Presence Alliance UX Summit

Welkom ! GPA UX SUMMIT live @ISE2019 (Amsterdam ). We are very privileged to be part of this global alliance summit that brings together a unique mix of ideas and talent from all around the globe to learn, inspire and share experience to achieve better collaborative workflows and improved business outcomes.

ISE19 opened with inspiration from our host AVEX B.V.’s Rene Schaddelee, Whitlock & GPA Board President John Bailey, and GPA Executive Director Byron Tarry.

Our keynote with Julian Phillips, Executive Vice President at Whitlock, made us question traditional silos, partners and approaches to #globalcollaboration #ISE2019


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Asnet CEO voted President GPA

Following 5 years on GPAs Board, during that time carrying specific responsibility for Operations,  Managed Services and more latterly for the global 25 CEO Community, combined with recognition of both the significant development of GPA and leadership provided during that period in forming the GPA BV, it came as a personal honour to Eric and Asnet’s contribution, to be recognised in such a way by his peers from leading AV/UC organisations around the world.

Asnet CEO receives Global CEO of the Year Award from CEO Today Magazine in recognition of 100 worldwide leading Global Executive

Asnet CEO re-appointed to GPA Board

Asnet CEO re-appointed to GPA Board

After a 12 month Charter-enforced hiatus after a 4 year previous term, Asnet CEO Eric Greenop was re-elected to GPA’s Board, assuming specific leadership responsibility for the 25+ global AV/UC CEO community.