Asnet Wellington Office and Microsoft Surface Hub Relocation

The Asnet Wellington office and our Microsoft Surface Hub have both been relocated temporarily due to the recent earthquakes that were felt strongly in Wellington.

We are very relieved that there were no injuries to any of our Wellington-based team or their families. We are also grateful there was no damage to our office or equipment, including the recently installed Microsoft Surface Hub, which is a good indication of its durability. We have moved the Surface Hub to our temporary office, and are continuing to run demonstrations to show the capabilities and features of this exciting new technology.

Asnet Technologies Wellington

Level 4, Lambton Centre 
117 Lambton Quay 
Wellington Central

Our existing Wellington office in Featherston Street has been temporarily relocated while the building gets minor Earthquake repair work completed.

Microsoft Surface Hub Demonstration Locations

Asnet Technologies has two Microsoft Surface Hubs installed and running, and available for demonstrations in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch offices.

WELLINGTON: If you are interested in booking a demonstration of the Microsoft Surface Hub in our Wellington office, please contact

Robert Bryson on 04 498-2892 or email

Stuart Fraser on 04 498-2883 or email

AUCKLAND: If you are interested in booking a demonstration of the Microsoft Surface Hub in our Auckland office, please contact

Matheus Vermunt on 09 300-9847 or email

Brent Harlock on 09 308-6859 or email

New Asnet Auckland Office

The Asnet Auckland office has also moved into new permanent premises, conveniently located in the Microsoft Building in the Auckland Viaduct. Our new office address is:

Asnet Technologies Auckland

Ground Floor, Microsoft House, 22 Viaduct Harbour Avenue, Auckland Central

Emergency Coordination Key In Disaster Recovery

The major 7.8 magnitude earthquake on the 14th November 2016 was centred in Kaikoura, and was another massive shock to New Zealand that was felt up and down most of the country.

Emergency coordination and being able to work together from multiple locations at such a critical time with the cooperation of different organisations is key to helping victims of disasters such as these. Events like these certainly highlight the absolute necessity of having reliable and flexible communication.

As part of our contribution to the community, Asnet supplied a portable video conferencing meeting room unit which was flown into Kaikoura to help with emergency disaster communication and coordination. This is the second major disaster the system has been utilised for, after being installed to help with the Canterbury earthquake emergency coordination back in 2011.


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