Asnet CEO Takes A Step Up At The GPA

Asnet’s close relationship with the Global Presence Alliance (GPA) has again been reflected in the new role for our Asnet CEO and GPA Board Member, Eric Greenop.

From an existing role focused on Operations and an interim role for Managed Services, Greenop’s role has grown to cover ‘Customer Experience’, which encompasses Operations, Standards, and Customer Quality Assurance – from initial contact and engagement through to Service Delivery.

“It is a huge privilege and a great personal pleasure to be part of such a unique and professional audiovisual organisation as the GPA,” commented Greenop.

The new appointment for the Asnet CEO came during their three-year strategy session in Amsterdam, which Greenop attended along with nine other GPA Member Senior Leaders from around the world. Hosted by AVEX Netherlands, the two-day sessions were focused on identifying the organisation strategy and structure as it heads towards the year 2020.

Maru Gaitan from Mexico also joins the GPA as the newest appointed Board Member – a former Board Member of Infocomm International. She has assumed responsibility for the GPA University – a new learning platform with courses available for all members. This adds to the GPA Insightly infrastructure for tracking customers and projects globally, which Richard Bishop, Asnet’s Head of Sales, is also directly involved with.

“Given the growth of the GPA over the past three years since the Board was formed, it was deemed an opportune time to review the significant achievements of the Alliance and to establish some challenging targets for the next three to four years” says Julian Phillips, Executive Vice President of Whitlock, and founding member of the Global Presence Alliance.

Since it was first established in 2014, the Alliance has grown from eleven members to twenty-six; the most recent being the appointment of Media Plus from Japan. Covering every major business hub, and now with over 220 offices in more than 50 countries, the combined group’s audiovisual (AV) turnover exceeded $1.5B, and was delivered through 3,500 AV professionals.

“Working alongside and sharing ideas and challenges with these country-leading AV organisations has been superb. I am delighted to be continuing my participation, formulation and delivery with the GPA over the next three years,” added Greenop.

“Seeing the progress of truly global opportunities that are now emerging through the Alliance is a unique opportunity for the Asnet team and also for myself as we jointly develop together.”

Video Interview: Avex’s Rene Schaddelee on the European AV Market

InAVate EMEA editor Paul Milligan talks to Rene Schaddelee from AVEX about his company’s involvement with the GPA (Global Presence Alliance) and the overall health of the European audiovisual market right now.

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